Why Commission an art piece from me

If you've been frustrated by searching for the perfect painting in a particular style, size or colour why don't we create it together?

To own a work of art is a source of great pride and joy.  It’s also a statement; a reflection of your taste or your company’s or your employees’ values.  To go one stage further and commission a work of art allows you to become personally involved in exploring and engaging with the creative process. I will bring my imagination, my interpretive skills and my sense of what is possible. You bring your ideas and your intention and together the work is created.

I can also create custom and odd shaped artworks in any size, colour or theme you wish - to make it perfect!


How do you handle commissions

I am committed to ensuring that you LOVE any art piece you have in your home. I appreciate that sometimes, you cannot articulate why one piece speaks to you and a similar one does not.  For this reason, I have a Zero Risk Commission Policy.  We will discuss what works in your space and what colours you prefer.  I will send you a high resolution image and you can let me know if you love it.  If you do, we will arrange payment and I will ship it to your home.  if not, you can decide not to move forward or I can start again.


How long do commissions take

The length of time to complete a painting depends on canvas size, complexity of the image and paint type (Acrylic or Oil). Your requirements in terms of timing will also be a part of the discussion before I begin the work.

Acrylic paint dries very quickly. So, it can be on its way to you as soon as you approve the finished piece!